It’s Election Day! VOTE!

Today is the 2018 Primary Election — your last chance to cast a ballot in primary election races across Utah. Voting is one of the best ways to make your voice heard and impact policy decisions by choosing the decision makers themselves.


Make a plan for how and when you will vote today and follow through to cast your ballot today!

Don’t know where or how to vote? These resources will help you!

  • Enter your address at to find out if there is a primary election in your area and where your polling location is.
  • Call your County Clerk’s office or visit your county elections website to find out who is on the ballot and where your polling location is.
  • Check our VOTER GUIDE for more details about elections and voting.


It’s true. Here’s why:

  • Utah has a historically low voter turnout – Even in the 2016 presidential election we were only 39th in the nation. YOU can help change that!
  • Primary elections can often matter MORE than general elections – In the many districts where one party holds a majority over another, primary races in the majority party almost certainly determine who will win the general election.
  • Low voter turnout means YOUR COTE COUNTS MORE – Primary elections usually get fewer voters than general elections
  • EVERY VOTE COUNTS – Did you know some Utah elections are decided by only 4 or 5 votes? It’s true! Use your vote to make a difference!

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