Support good water policy for clean air

Water quality and policy is a top priority for Utahns, and planning for our future water supply is critical – especially in a fast-growing state that is one of the driest in the nation. But good, clean water does not have to come at the expense of dirtier air, poor environmental stewardship or exorbitant infrastructure costs.

Unfortunately, the Bear River Development proposes dramatic water loss in the Great Salt Lake that would lower the lake level significantly and create dust bowl conditions in the already-polluted Wasatch Front. Water experts say the development is not only expensive at a staggering $2.5 billion in construction costs alone, it is not necessary to serve our current or growing population, and inexpensive alternatives abound.


  • Get educated. Learn about the costly Bear River Development​ and its dramatic impacts on air quality​​. Find out how much water your county uses per capita with this new tool​ and think of ways you and your family can conserve water.​
  • Ask your state legislator to consider inexpensive alternatives to the Bear River Development, such as separating water subsidies out of property taxes to reduce property taxes, link water pricing to use and encourage conservation.​ Find out who represents you here​ and write them an email.

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