Join the Action this July!

4th of July is over, but patriotism can last all year long!

Patriotism is the love for and support of our country and its founding principle of democracy. Beyond parades and barbecues, we can all express our patriotism by participating in our democracy with the sound of our voices and the strength of our actions.

Action Utah expresses our patriotism year-round by mobilizing community advocates from both sides of the aisle to start taking action (instead of just talking) on the issues that so many of us agree on, like improving education, public health and the well-being of families, communities and the environment.

But now we need your help! July is our big membership drive month, and we need 50 new Monthly Sustainers to help us reach our budget goals so we can continue to do the important work of boosting civic engagement in Utah all year.

Can you chip in $5, $10, $15 a month to support our work year round?

Action Utah helps community advocates across Utah to make a difference by doing things like:

  • Meeting with elected officials to discuss a policy issue
  • Speaking up at public hearings and testifying in legislative committees
  • Presenting ideas to legislators for new bills and appropriations requests
  • Gathering signatures and support for ballot initiatives
  • Running for office and becoming delegates

We are moving the needle to a place of more balanced and representative government by providing community advocacy education, tools and opportunities to Utahns across the state.

Please join the action this July by becoming a Monthly Sustainer today!

In gratitude,

Andrea Himoff
Executive Director


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