Keep up the momentum – keep up your impact! #WeeklyActions

Keep up the momentum this July!

Independence Day is over, but patriotism is still in the air as new members from across the state join Action Utah to get education, tools and advocacy opportunities that empower them to stay informed and make a difference on the issues that matter to them. Help keep up the momentum by getting your friends, family and neighbors to JOIN US too! The more Utahns speak up on the issues the more we will move the needle to place of more balanced and representative government.  How you can help:

  1. Get 5 friends to subscribe to Action Utah’s emails
  2. Become a Monthly Sustainer
  3. Get a friend to donate to Action Utah

​Thanks for spreading the word about Action Utah so we can help more people make a difference!



1. JOIN OUR LETTER TEAM! Feel uncomfortable lobbying in person or lack the time for lobbying in person on Capitol Hill? That’s okay! You can impact the issues with your written words! Action Utah makes it easy to advocate from the comfort of your own computer by providing team members with tips, tools and editing advice — plus, we’ll do the research for you and give you data and talking points on 1-2 important issues each month. No experience necessary. Join now to get your voice heard!

  • Click here for more information and to sign up.

​2. AMEND SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDS. During a recent Interim Session, a member of Action Utah wrote this letter in the Tribune asking the Education Interim Committee to change school grading policies similar to the calls to action we made in 2017 regarding this Accountability Standards. Why? Because a single school grade from a standardized test misrepresents the quality of a school. Rep. Marie Poulson plans to run a good bill for 2019 to amend accountability standards, which is crucial to improving Utah’s K-12 public schools​.

  • Thank Rep. Poulson for running Accountability Standards Amendments in 2019. Ask how you can help and offer any personal experience with school grading.​
  • Write to your State School Board rep (find out who reps you​) and and State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson​ to let them know that you want the Utah State Board of Education to encourage the legislature to change current school grading policies.​

​3. PUSH FOR GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP IN UTAH. In case you missed it, there is still time to weigh in on these environmental stewardship issues!

4. SUPPORT A BIPARTISAN BILL TO REDUCE PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS. Gag clauses prevent pharmacists from being able to tell customers when the cash price of a medication is lower than the co-pay through their insurance. But now Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is sponsoring two bills to end gag clauses that has bipartisan support as well as the apparent support of the White House and HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (202) 224-5251 (DC) // (801) 524-4380 (SLC) // (801) 375-7881 (Provo) // (435) 634-1795 (St. George) // (801) 625-5672 (Ogden) // (435) 586-8435 (Cedar City)
Sen. Mike Lee 202-224-5444 (DC) // 801-524-5933 (SLC) // 435-628-5514 (St. George) // 801-392-9633 (Ogden)

​5. BAN THIS BRAIN DAMAGING CHEMICAL. Last year EPA chief Scott Pruitt abruptly changed course by not banning a toxic pesticide chemical linked to brain damage, particularly in children Pruitt’s decision countered his own EPA scientists and came at the behest of pesticide lobbyists. The chemical is called chlorpyrifos and is a widely-used pesticide on food that can also be found in drinking water. Now that Pruitt has resigned from the EPA, it’s time to ban the harmful chemical once and for all.



  • Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol: Spotlight on Healthcare – Wed, July 18th, 12:00-1:00p at the State Capitol. Get the low-down on public participation on Capitol Hill. Plus, this month AU leaders and our guest speakers will discuss what’s happening with Medicaid expansion (Prop 3) and what legislators are doing to reduce suicides in Utah. Space is limited. Register now!

Thanks for all you do!

Remember, every action counts! Don’t beat yourself up over the actions you can’t get to — focus on the one or two each week or each month you do to make an impact for your family and community. And encourage others to do the same!


Andrea & Katie

Co-Founders, Action Utah

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