Amend Accountability Standards to improve Utah schools

During a recent Interim Session, a member of Action Utah wrote this letter in the Tribune asking the Education Interim Committee to change school grading policies similar to the calls to action we made in 2017 regarding Accountability Standards. After the letter was published, Rep. Marie Poulson (D-Salt Lake) indicated she will be running a bill to amend Accountability Standards

What’s the problem with accountability standards?

Under the current system schools receive a single a letter grade based on standardized testing. While teachers and administrators can learn a lot from raw testing data, the information and letter grade tend to be a more effective at measuring the socioeconomic status of school families rather than the quality of the school. That’s why Sen. Ann Milner (R-Ogden) passed a one year moratorium on accountability standards last year.

Rep. Paulson’s bill is crucial to improving Utah’s K-12 public schools. A former iteration from 2017 had significant support from her fellow educators. Let’s help this good bill get passed in 2019!


  • Thank Rep. Poulson for running Accountability Standards Amendments in 2019. Ask how you can help and offer any personal experience with school grading.​
  • Write to your State School Board rep (find out who repsresents you​) and and State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson​ to let them know that you want the Utah State Board of Education to encourage the legislature to change current school grading policies.​

Talking Points

Do you have a personal experience with school grading? Share it! Or use the talking points in this letter, including:

  • School grading fosters socioeconomically and racially segregated schools
  • School grading does not measure the enrichment programming or school climate
  • School grading does not show parents valuable information to inform their school choice

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