Be part of Interim Session TOMORROW!

On or off the Hill, you can participate in state policymaking!

Interim Session is coming up TOMORROW, with public meetings from 8:00-2:30p. Governor Herbert has called a special session for legislators to vote on proposals for the inland port and new tax policy. You can participate in all of the above in person or from home!

Not sure what Interim Session is? You’re not alone! Check out our RESOURCE: What is Interim Session?

Why participate in Interim?

Get to know what issues our elected officials are studying, what policy proposals they are debating, how our legislative system works to address them and what YOU as a community member can do to be part of that conversation!


  • Find out what’s happening at Interim in our July Interim Highlights, then tune in by sitting in on meetings in person or listening to them live or recorded online.
  • Join our Spotlight Discussion on Healthcare during your lunch break this Wednesday. We’ll focus on big issues like Medicaid expansion and suicide prevention.
  • Follow up with emails to your state rep and senator or with the members of an interim committee to let them know why you support or oppose a policy proposal or to offer personal stories or data to show why the issue matters to your community and how to best address it.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about an issue or policy discussed at Interim.

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