URGENT! Calls needed to protect market-based climate solutions TODAY!

July 17th, 2018|URGENT Action|0 Comments

The House will be voting on a resolution shortly (maybe this week) that opposes using a fee on carbon to encourage people to move away from pollution and climate-damaging carbon energy and toward clean, safe, responsible, renewable energy, such as that from the sun and wind. We strongly urge you to ask your U.S. Representative to vote NO on this resolution (HCR 119).

Call your U.S. Representative today and urge them to vote NO on the anti-carbon tax resolution, H.C.R.119!  

This resolution, introduced by Majority Whip Steve Scalise, claims that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy. However, we know that a price on carbon, when done right, benefits the economy. A revenue-neutral carbon fee would grow American jobs, improve public health and drive down carbon emissions. This resolution ignores those benefits.

Carbon pricing is bipartisan policy that has been publicly pushed by Republicans like James Baker, George Shultz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hank Paulson (check out the conservative Climate Leadership Council).

Call your U.S. Representative now

By voting NO, members of Congress can make sure the most efficient, market-based solution to climate change stays on the table. A vote is expected on Wednesday or Thursday.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan organization working toward federal carbon pricing to combat climate variability, issued this Rebuttal to H.Con.Res.119.

Making this call will take just 5 minutes, and we have an easy online tool that gives you a script, the phone number, and a way to log your call so we can measure our impact. If you can’t reach your U.S. Representative by phone, try leaving a message in the evening, or send an email or tweet encouraging them to vote NO.

Thank you for urging your U.S. Representative to vote NO on House Concurrent Resolution 119!

[Adapted from Citizens’ Climate Lobby]

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