Speak up about why you support Medicaid expansion

The Utah Decides Healthcare initiative to expand Medicaid has made it to the November ballot and is now called Prop 3. That means Utahns will get to vote on whether Utah should do a full expansion to all Utahns who fall in the healthcare coverage gap to improve health outcomes in our state and reduce expensive emergency room visits.

A limited Medicaid expansion was proposed in this year’s HB 472, but the proposal is still waiting on a federal waiver with no indication whether it will be granted. That means Prop 3 remains the only guaranteed option to expand Medicaid in Utah. Learn more about HB 472 versus Utah Decides in our Medicaid expansion primer.


  • Join us for our Spotlight Discussion on Healthcare during your lunch break TODAY! We’ll cover Medicaid expansion and suicide prevention policies with guest speakers Rylee Curtis and Rep. Steve Eliason. Click here for more info and to register.
  • Write a letter to the editor about why Medicaid expansion matters to you and why you support Prop 3. Click here to find our local paper and talking points from Prop 3 and check out AU’s TIPS on how to write a LTE.

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