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Letters to the editor can help educate the public, sway public opinion, draw attention to an issue or solution and influence votes and decisions by policymakers. At just 200 words, they are a great advocacy tool that anyone can write — no experience necessary!


Respond to an op-ed with a timely LTE at the same publication supporting or opposing the piece. Some of our favorite op-eds to support this month are:
    1. SL Trib by Holly Richardson (7/21): “Every two seconds, someone in the world is forced from their home“. Please suggest ways you believe Utahns can become part of the solution on refugees, describe a personal anecdote about refugees or overcoming fear of them and direct Utahns to take some action to help refugees.
    2. SL Trib by Vijay Mathur (7/22): “Intergenerational poverty creates a permanent underclass“. You may mention that Utah’s House and Senate both voted in favor of passing HB 57 to make Utah the 30th state in the nation to adopt EITC, but the measure failed to get funding. Please call on Utahns to ask their legislators to commit funding to help 25,000 Utah families out of intergenerational poverty.
    3. Des News by Andrea Himoff (7/15): “Utah must keep the climate conversations going“. Why did HCR007 matter in Utah? It reversed a 2010 resolution, HJR 12, that called climate change a “hoax” and conspiracy and directed the EPA to cease all carbon dioxide reduction policies and programs. A tremendous amount of work went into convincing legislators to take a 180 from that to passing the first climate resolution in a red state in America just 8 years later. HCR007 is the first official acknowledgement of climate change by our state elected officials and the governor, and is a necessary stepping stone for more climate policies at the local, state and federal levels.
    4. Des News by Scott Anderson (7/26): “This effort is Utah’s chance to improve public education“. With low per-student spending and unacceptable student proficiency and teacher turnover rates, Utahns must vote YES on a non-binding Our Schools Now proposal that will appear on the general ballot in November to increase funding for education in Utah.

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