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August 15th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Today is Interim Session at the State Capitol — the one day a month between May and November when our state legislators come together from across the state to discuss current issues facing Utah and policy proposals to address them. Learn more about Interim here. Learn more about our State Legislature here.

Did you know that all Interim committee meetings are open to the public?

That’s right. YOU can listen in on meetings about all kinds of issues — from healthcare to air quality to education to criminal justice to transportation and more. And you don’t even have to be physically present at the State Capitol to do it (though you can be — community members may sit in on any Interim committee meeting in person and can even offer public testimony in some). Interim Committee meetings are recorded for listeners across the state to tune in live or listen to after the fact!

Listening in is a great way to learn how our legislative branch works, what the issues are and what kind of messages and messengers make a positive impact (and which make a negative impact). Listening in is a great way to learn how to advocate more effectively in your communications with your state senator and state representative to impact the issues you care about most.


  • Check out our list of August Interim Highlights and pick 1-2 committees discussing issues of interest to you this month.
  • Listen to that committee meeting live or recorded by selecting that committee from the Calendar on the state legislative website ( Follow the instructions below.
  • Would you like to give feedback to your legislators or to a committee? Send them an email! Remember, thanking someone for a powerful comment, a good vote or a good proposal is one way to give feedback that is always appreciated and may make a legislator more willing to listen to what you have to say the next time you email them. Not sure who represents you? Find out here.

To listen live: Committee meetings happen today from 8:30a-11:15a and 1:15p-4:00p

  1. Click on the committee you wish to listen to from the legislative calendar.
  2. Click on “Audio/Video” and play the live audio stream.

To listen to recordings: Recordings are preserved for posterity and may be accessed through the committee’s individual page or through the legislative calendar.

  1. Click on the committee you wish to listen to in the legislative calendar from August 15th. Or go to the Find Committees page, select the type of committee (“Interim Committees”) and select the committee from the list.
  2. Find the meeting date you wish to listen to and select the “Audio/Video: View Items”. Recorded audio is edited into clips so you can easily access individual agenda items. Click on the agenda item you wish to hear.

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