How, when and where will you vote? #InformedVoter

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Making a plan to vote in advance means you will be far more likely to participate in the upcoming midterm election. In Utah, YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Why?

Becoming an #InformedVoter includes registering to vote in time to participate in the election, verifying your voter registration and knowing how, when and where to cast your vote.


1. Register to vote – The deadline to register by mail is October 9th; the deadline to register in person at your County Clerk’s office or online or by text is October 30th. You may also register at the polls on November 6th, but be prepared that you will need to fill out a provisional ballot (which may or may not get counted). Find out more about how to register to vote here.

2. Verify and update your voter registration and drivers license. Have you updated your voter registration since you moved? Are you unsure if you are truly registered to vote? Does the address on your driver’s license match the address with which you want to register to vote online? If not, go to to update your voter registration, verify your voter registration and find out how and why to update your drivers license so you can successfully register to vote. PLEASE NOTE: this process can take longer than you might think, so start today!

3. Find out how/when to vote – Some counties have vote-by-mail, some do not. Even counties with vote-by-mail offer in-person voting options. Early voting procedures may vary by county. Go to and enter your home address to find out about voting procedures, go to your county elections website or contact your County Clerk.

  • Vote-by-mail ballots go out October 16 and ballots may be returned immediately (must be postmarked by Nov 5)
  • Early voting is October 23 – November 2
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 6

4. Make a plan for how and when you will vote – Mark your calendar now for the time you plan to cast your vote. Arrange a ride to the polls if necessary. You can even offer a ride to others!

Do you know what and who is on your ballot and how you will cast your vote?

Use these links to help you become an #InformedVoter so you can cast a vote on every candidate and ballot question and get your voice heard!

Who’s on your ballot

What’s on your ballot

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