The five things that could improve education in Utah

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Envision Utah has conducted research about our education system to delineate and teach the public about specific ways we can improve education in Utah to improve outcomes for our children and create a bright future for them and for our state. Check out their latest video on the big picture of education in Utah.

Envision Utah’s 5 Strategies for Improving Education in Utah

A child’s brain grows fastest from birth to age 5, and positive interactions with parents and caregivers are the primary building blocks of the brain. The more we talk with, read to, and sing to our infants and toddlers, the better prepared they will be for success in school and in life.
High quality preschool gives our kids the foundation they need to be successful in school and in life—and it makes a world of difference for children who would otherwise start kindergarten behind. Right here in Utah, we have examples of tremendous preschool programs that have helped kids develop skills to thrive in school and have put kids on track to graduate at much higher rates than was expected before they began preschool.
Research shows nothing in a school has a bigger impact on student success than teachers. Their role is essential to helping our kids gain the knowledge and skills they need to pursue their goals and be prepared for life. But like any job, teachers need adequate resources and support to do their best work. And we need to make sure we continue to attract our best and brightest into the profession. When we take care of our teachers, we empower them to provide our kids with the best possible education. (Click here for our video on the teacher shortage).
Many students in Utah face barriers to academic success—things like economic hardship, being an English language learner, and other challenges. When we take steps to make sure every child has the opportunity to do well in school, we open doors for them to improve not only their own lives, but our entire community.
By 2020, at least 66 percent of jobs in Utah will require post-secondary education. When we continue our schooling into college or another kind of training, we’ll be prepared to find jobs that will create a better quality of life for us and for future Utahns.

We can help individually and collectively

Implementing each of these strategies is critical to building the kind of Utah we want now and in the future. Please take a minute to watch the Envision Utah video and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or simply forward a link to this post. Together, we can make sure everyone in Utah gets a great education.

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