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October 9th, 2018|Action of the Week|0 Comments

Improving education is essential if we want our children and grandchildren to have the great future we want. That is the message coming out of Envision Utah’s “My Education, Our Future” campaign. For the past two years, Envision Utah has put out their research into the five things that are essential for improving education for Utah children and thereby improving the future prospects for our entire state. Check out their new video about the five things Utah must do to improve education:

Action Utah brings you simple but meaningful ways to advocate for good education policies. Our focus this year is on School Accountability Standards, a system that rates schools and gives them a single letter grade in order to hold them accountable to parents and the public. The problem is that these “school grades” are a deeply flawed and fail to reflect the quality of the school while wrongfully punishing good schools with reduced funding, increased segregation and decreased enrollment.

Title 1 schools are particularly susceptible to flaws in the current Accountability Standards system, as school grades tend to be impacted more by the income level of a school’s families than by the quality of programs. Inaccurate grading and unjust punishment of our low income schools is a problem in every district in the state. That’s why teachers and school administrators agree that these misleading Accountability Standards must be removed.

The good news is that we can all be a part of the solution by weighing in on the issue of school grades. 

Reforming the accountability standards (or “school grading”) system helps EVERY student succeed and supports teachers — two of the five steps to improving our education system! But it doesn’t help our schools to replace one bad accountability metric with another. Accountability Standards need to be removed entirely. Be part of the solution by taking action today!


  • Email your Utah State Board of Education Representative and tell them that you’d like the USBE to lead the way in removing our flawed School Accountability Standards in 2019.
  • Email us at Action Utah to let us know that you took action, and what the response from your State School Board rep was. Contact us here.
To find your USBE Rep:
  1. Enter your address at vote.utah.gov and click “Elected Officials”.
  2. Your State School Board rep will be listed (as well as your local district school board rep and all other elected officials who represent you at each level of government), along with their contact info.
  3. Call or email your USBE rep and let them know that standardized school grades hurt our school system and fail to accurately evaluate how schools are doing. Ask them to remove School Accountability Standards to improve education across the state.

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