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October 11th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

It’s election season, and with ballots mailing out on October 16th and early voting beginning on October 23rd, now is the final push for candidates to get their names and platforms out to voters. If ever there was a time to support a candidate you care about, NOW IS THE TIME!

Candidates need all kinds of help, including help from inexperienced volunteers, including:

  • Putting up a lawn sign in your yard
  • Canvassing door to door
  • Joining a phone bank
  • Donating to the campaign
  • Spreading the word about your candidate on social media, by email or in person to your friends, family and the general public

Even if you believe your candidate is likely to win, remember that they are out pounding the pavement day and night and still need all the help they can get ensuring that they will prevail.


  1. Look up who is running for office on your sample ballot at
  2. Pick one race to focus on — federal, state, county or school board.
  3. Google your candidates on their campaign webpages and in related articles and decide who you want to vote for.
  4. Contact your candidate directly to find out what kind of help they need.
  5. VOTE. Some candidates win or lose by only a handfull of votes. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

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