Bring suicide prevention resources to your school community

October 23rd, 2018|Action of the Week|0 Comments

According to a new report from the Utah Department of Health, 1 in every 5 youths contemplate suicide. Suicide is still the top killer for children ages 10-17 in Utah.

But there is hope!

Tremendous resources exist to help Utah families in crisis avert tragedy and help youths in crisis to recover. Schools can play a big role bringing valuable suicide prevention resource and tools to parents and students in their communities.

Teachers and administrators spend more hours in a day with our children than parents do, and parents naturally look to schools for answers and solutions when there is a suicide in middle and high school communities. This phenomenon presents an incredible and simple opportunity for school districts to offer information about suicide prevention resources and tools and to teach families about warning signs, behavioral health options and making a commitment to reducing access for kids to lethal means.

Suicide Prevention Resource Lists

Schools can be a valuable resource for families and students in times of crisis without compromising academic responsibilities by simply providing a list of suicide prevention resources and tools on school district websites. Jordan School District is a terrific model the kind of easily accessible resource list every school district in the state could provide for their school communities.


You can help spread the word about good suicide prevention resources by helping to get good lists posted on your school district website!

  • Bring suicide prevention resource lists to your school district in order to help students and families and prevent tragedy. Action Utah has made it easy to connect with school representatives by creating an action kit you can use to approach your school district, including a sample list of valuable resources your school can use to create a resource webpage. Contact AU Policy Coordinator Angie Cook to get the action kit and learn how to start talking with your school district about providing this valuable service to your community today!

Make your school district a model district for suicide prevention resources!

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