What happens now for school funding (Ballot Question 1)?

November 14th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Nonbinding Ballot Question 1 did not pass this election cycle in Utah, but Utahns still want to increase school funding!

K-12 education is one of the top priorities for Utahns across the state. According to Envision Utah’s 2016 survey, Utahns view education as critical to the state’s economic development, yet more than half of us are dissatisfied with the quality of our children’s education and want to see more state spending on education. Click here to take action now!

What is Nonbinding Ballot Question 1?

Nonbinding Ballot Question 1 was one of two parts of the Our Schools Now compromise (a ballot measure that would have provided over $700 million in new funding to education annually). The question asked voters if they would like to raise the state sales tax on gas by $.10/gallon to raise additional funding for Utah schools. The other part was a legislative bill that passed in 2018 and will provide a portion of the $360 million total that the compromise was supposed to bring in.

Despite endorsement by the legislature and Governor Herbert, Question 1 confused many people, particularly those concerned that the money would go to roads rather than schools. People who want to see schools improve voted against what was perceived as a flawed measure, and it failed to pass in last week’s midterm election. But now that the flawed Question 1 has failed, our schools cannot afford for the legislature to to take this as a sign that the public does not support plans to increase school funding.

That’s why K-12 schools need your voice now!

Make sure your legislators know that despite the failure of flawed Question 1, Utans still want legislators to explore and support other methods to increase school funding!

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