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November 26th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Air Quality is a top concern for Utahns, particularly the 80% of our population that lives in urban areas along the Wasatch front where air quality is compromised by inversions in the winter and ozone in the summer. With 48% of emissions coming from passenger vehicles and light duty trucks, we all play a key part in air pollution in Utah.

Deseret News reporter Erica Evans decided to start with herself when it comes to doing something to clean up the air, and committed to going for a week without a car in Salt Lake City. Check out her video about the experience here:

Now Erica is challenging others in Utah to try going without a car for a week. Will you take up her challenge to help clean up the air for your family and community?


  1. Commit to going without a car for a week — just a week. Try it out. Push beyond your comfort zone to try something new, sample walking more on foot, carpooling, using public transportation, taking a chance on dockless scooters, biking or anything else to avoid turning on your car for one week.
  2. Post about your experience on social media using the hashtag #WeekWithoutACar.

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