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December 18th, 2018|Action of the Week|0 Comments

Did you know that a letter to the editor is only 200 words? Yet a letter to the editor can sway public opinion, draw attention to an issue and impact votes. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer to publish a letter to the editor, but it does help to have a few tips.

On January 17th, Action Utah is hosting a Letters & Conversations workshop at 6:00p at the State Capitol to teach community members of all experience levels how to talk to elected officials at any level of government and how to write an effective letter to the editor. Join us to find out how to use these important advocacy skills to get the attention and votes of your elected leaders!


  • Register for Letters & Conversations on January 17th, 6;00p at the State Capitol
  • Join Action Utah’s Letter Team and get topics and tips every month so you can publish important information and opinions
  • Get our LTE Guide for step-by-step instructions and 8 tips on writing an effective letter to the editor.
  • Get a letter published? Let us know! We’ll help spread the word! Simply email us here.

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