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The 2019 State Legislative Session runs for 45 consecutive days between January 28 and March 14, 2019. During this time, state legislators will consider and vote on over 1,300 bills and balance our state’s budget. Action Utah will continually update this list of our top bills within our legislative priorities. Find out more about our State Legislature, how to find out who represents you and how our political system works in our Resources section.  Download our State Legislative Session Advocacy Guide here.

2019 Bill Tracker

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Legislative Goal: Expanding access and reducing costs

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 178Health Care ChargesRep. Brad Daw (R-Orem)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates a health care price transparency toolSen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)
HB 210Medicaid Expansion Program Revisions Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) SUPPORTIncorporated into SB 96
Amends provisions relating to Medicaid expansion
HB 267Prescription Drug Importation ProgramRep. Norm Thurston (R-Provo)SUPPORTFAILED
Creates a state-run program to import pharmaceuticals from CanadaSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 274S03Retail Tobacco Specialty Business AmendmentsRep. Jen Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Regulates sale of flavored nicotine products to protect youthSen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HB370Pharmacy Benefit Manager AmendmentsRep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates requirements for pharmacy benefit managers to increase price transparency.Sen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
SB 11S01Medicaid Dental Coverage AmendmentsSen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)SUPPORTPASSED
Expands Medicaid to cover dental care for the elderly.Rep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)
SB 96S04Medicaid Expansion AmendmentsSen. Allen Christensen (R-Ogden)OPPOSE/AMENDPASSED
Limits Medicaid expansion via a waiver with caps and work reqsRep. James Dunnigan (R-Taylorsville)
SB 97Medicaid Program RevisionsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)OPPOSEFAILED
Repeals Prop 3 for Medicaid expansion altogether


Legislative Goal: Cleaning up Utah’s air for better health and economic outcomes

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 98Freight Switcher Emissions MitigationRep. Steve Handy (R-Layton)SUPPORTFAILED
Creates a public-private partnership to retrofit highly polluting train enginesSen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)
HB 139S01Motor Vehicle Emissions AmendmentsRep. Angela Romero (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
Strengthens penalties and reporting for "coal rolling"Sen. Luz Escamilla (D-Salt Lake)
HB 148S04Vehicle Idling RevisionsRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTPASSED
Allows local highway authority to enforce restrictions on vehicle idlingSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 295S01Vehicle Emissions Reduction ProgramRep. Jeff Stenquist (R-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Reduces emissions by retiring the dirtiest, failing cars on the roadSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB304Fossil Fuels Tax AmendmentsRep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTInterim study
This bill creates a revenue neutral tax on carbon dioxide emissions
HB 353Reduction of Single Occupancy Trips Pilot ProgramRep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
This bill modifies provisions related to reducing single occupancy vehicle trips.Sen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HCR 2S01Supporting Renew. and Sust. Energy Options to Promote Rural Econ. Dev.Rep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTPASSED
Encourages development of renewables to grow Utah's rural economy.Sen. David Hinkins (R-Orangeville)
HCR 3S01CR Urging the EPA to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission StandardsRep. Steve Handy (R-Layton)SUPPORTPASSED
Requests greater federal regulation under the Clean Air ActSen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)
HCR 5Concurrent Resolution Urging Policies that Reduce Damage from WildfiresRep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful)WATCHPASSED
Urges the federal government to mitigate wildfire risk and additional climate changeSen. Ronald Winterton (R-Roosevelt)
HCR 11Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 GasolineRep Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTPASSED
This concurrent resolution encourages purchase of Tier 3 compliant gasoline.Sen. Daniel Hemmert (R-Orem)
HCR 13CR Encouraging Utah Refiners to Manufacture Tier 3 Gasoline to Improve Air QualityRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTPASSED
Urges UT refineries to manufacture lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline in UtahSen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)
SB 111S01Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program ActSen. Lincoln FillmoreSUPPORTFAILED
Creates the Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program.Rep. Mike Winder (R-West Valley City)
SB 144Environmental Quality Monitoring AmendmentsSen. Luz Escamilla (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
Directs the DEQ to monitor and report enviro impacts of the inland port developmentRep. Val Peterson (R-Orem)
AppropsAir Quality AppropriationsSUPPORTNearly $29M FUNDED


Legislative Goal: Supporting schools and teachers to ensure a prosperous future for our state

Bill No.Bill NameBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 47S01Early Childcare Coordination AmendmentsRep. Lowry Snow (R-St. George)SUPPORTPASSED
Coordinates existing services for greater efficiencies, per DWS recommendations.Sen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden)
HB 71S01Health Education AmendmentsRep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful)SUPPORTPASSED
Provides that health education instruction may include information about contraceptionSen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)
HB 188S01T.H. Bell Program AmendmentsRep. Lowry Snow (R-St. George)SUPPORTPASSED
Incentivizes UT students to work in public education in UTSen Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HB 198Education Accountability AmendmentsRep. Marie Poulson (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Removes the single letter grade from school evaluations in favor of a dashboard systemSen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-S. Jordan)
HB 260S04Access Utah Promise Scholarship ProgramRep. Derrin Owens (R-Fountain Green)SUPPORTPASSED
Creates the Access Utah Promise Scholarship Program and amends/repeals other scholarship programs.Sen Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
SB149Teacher and Student Success ActSen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden)OPPOSEPASSED
Allocates money from the Our Schools Now compromise without SCC input or raising WPURep Jefferson Moss (R-Saratoga Springs)
SB 166S02School Readiness AmendmentsSen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden)SUPPORTPASSED
Rep. Bradley Last (R-Hurricane)


Legislative Goal: Reducing our high suicide rate through evidence-based solutions

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 17S02Firearm Violence and Suicide AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Provides cable locks with the purchase of guns and vouchers for gun safesSen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo)
HB 174Psychiatry Medical Residents AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires the University of Utah to select additional psychiatry residentsSen. Ralph Okerlund (R-Monroe)
HB 209Extreme Risk Protective OrdersRep. Steve Handy R-Layton)SUPPORTFAILED
Allows temporary removal of firearms from a person who poses a threat to self or others
HB 373S02Student Support AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Provides funding provisions for school based mental health supportSen. Ann Millner (R-Ogden)
HB393S04Suicide Prevention AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Increases suicide prevention and mental health services and resources.Sen. Don Ipson (R-St. George)
HB 399S04Prohibition of the Practice of Conversion Therapy upon MinorsRep. Craig Hall (R-West Valley City)AMENDBad Amendment - WITHDRAWN
Prohibits professionals from attempting to change a child or teen's sexual orientation or gender IDSen. Dan McCay (R-Riverton)
SB 39Assisted Outpatient Treatment for Mental IllnessSen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-S. Jordan)WATCHPASSED
Provides govt services for mental illness at a lower standard through a court processRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)
SB 106S01Mental Health Services in SchoolsSen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-S. Jordan)SUPPORTPASSED
Allows State Medicaid and private insurance to pay for mental health services in schoolsRep. Susan Puslpher (R-S. Jordan)
AppropElementary School Counselor ProgramRep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)SUPPORT
Increases funding for 2018's HB 264: Elementary Schools Counselor Program


Legislative Goal: Building family economic prosperity

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 102Campaign Funds Uses AmendmentsRep. Stephanie Pitcher (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
Allows candidates to use campaign funds to cover the costs of childcare
HB 103Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self Sufficiency Tax CreditRep. Robert Spendlove (R-Sandy)SUPPORTHELD
Provides a state EITC tax credit to 25K families in intergenerational poverty.
HB 333Workforce Development Incentives AmendmentsRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
This bill amends provisions related to tax credit incentives for economic developmentSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)
HB386Economic Development and Affordable Homes AmendmentsRep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFAILED
This bill modifies provisions related to housing and community development.
HR 3House Resolution Supporting a Humane Response to the Refugee CrisisRep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
Urges a humane response to the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.
SB 34S03Affordable Housing ModificationsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires cities to adopt moderate income housing plans, adds $24M to the Olene Walker Fund.Rep. Val Potter (R-Logan)
SB 103S04Victim Targeting Penalty EnhancementsSen. Dan Thatcher (R-West Valley City)SUPPORTPASSED
Provides an enhanced penalty for hate crimesRep. Lee Perry (R-Perry)
SB 110Family Medical Unpaid Leave ProvisionsSen. Daniel Hemmert (R-Orem) SUPPORTFAILED
Requires certain employers to provide at least 3 weeks of unpaid leave to certain employeesRep. Mike Schultz (R-Hooper)
AppropMaternal Mental HealthRep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTFUNDED


Legislative Goal: Protecting the voters voice and strengthening our democracy

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 88Statewide Initiative Process AmendmentsRep. Merill Nelson (R-Grantsville)SUPPORTFAILED
Creates a single deadline for the submission and removal of signatures on a ballot initiative.
HB 259Straight Ticket Voting Prohibition AmendmentsRep. Patrice Arent (D-Millcreek)SUPPORTFAILED
Removes straight ticket party voting and requires voting for the candidates on a ballot individuallySen. Curt Bramble
HCR 16Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Women's Voter Registration DayRep. Melissa Garff Ballard SUPPORTPASSED
Designates Feb 14th as Utah Women's Voter Registration Day.Sen. Diedre Henderson (R-Spanish Fork)
SB 61Poll Hours for Early VotingSen. Jani Iwamoto (D-Salt Lake)SUPPORTPASSED
This bill amends poll hour provisions for early voting.Rep. Steve Eilason (R-Sandy)
SB 122Special Congressional Election AmendmentsSen. Dan McCay (R-Riverton)AMENDFAILED
Election Law ChangesSen. Curt Bramble (R-Provo)WATCHNever Introduced


Legislative Goal: Provide community members with meaningful actions and vetted information on the issues Utahns care about most

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 36Bureau of Criminal Identification Reporting AmendmentsRep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires reporting of people deemed by a court to be mentally unfit to purchase a firearmSen. Don Ipson (R-St. George)
HB 143Water Conservation Plan AmendmentsRep. Suzanne Harrison (D-Draper)SUPPORTFAILED
Requires water retailers to evaluate how to conserve and costs of not conserving
HB 244Misdemeanor Sentencing Timeline ClarificationsRep. Eric Hutchings (R-Kearns)SUPPORTPASSED
Reduces the max penalty for misdemeanors by one day to 364 daysSen. Daniel Thatcher (R-West Valley)
HB 325Domestic Violence Weapons AmendmentsRep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake City)SUPPORTPASSED
This bill requires a law enforcement agency to report certain information relating to domestic violence.Sen. Deidre Henderson (R-Salt Lake)
HCR10CR to Address Declining Water Levels of the Great Salt LakeRep. Timothy Hawkes (R-Centerville)SUPPORTPASSED
Urges balanced solutions to address declining water levelsSen. Scott Sandall (R-Tremonton)
HCR 7CR Recognizing the Economic Importance of Recreation for UtahRep. Robert Spendlove (R-Sandy)SUPPORTPASSED
Encourages support for and growth of the economic value of Utah's natural assetsSen. Evan Vickers (R-Cedar City)
HJR 23Withdrawing Approval for Class V LandfillRep. Casey Snider (R-Paradise)OPPOSE/AMENDFAILED
Withdraws the provisional approval of a commercial landfill by the Great Salt LakeSen. Scott Sandall (R-Tremonton)
SB 52S05Secondary Water Metering AmendmentsSen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi)SUPPORTPASSED
Requires water suppliers to meter and report secondary water usageRep. Timothy Hawkes (R-Centerville)
SB 109S01Asset Forfeiture AmendmentsSen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross)SUPPORTFAILED
This bill modifies provisions related to asset forfeitureRep. Karianne Lisonbee (R-Clearfield)
SB214S01Property Tax Relief ModificationsSen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-S. Jordan)NEUTRALPASSED
This bill no longer modifies provisions relating to water conservancy district property tax levies.
Conviction Reduction AmendmentsRep. Lowry Snow (R-St. George)Never Introduced


Action Utah takes no official stance on these bills, but we track them because members have shown a particular interest in these issues on one side or the other. This section is for your information.

Bill No.Bill Name/DescriptionBill Sponsor(s)Lobbying KitAU PositionStatus
HB 136S01Abortion AmendmentsRep. Cheryl Acton (R-West Jordan)PASSED
Prohibits abortion of a fetus at 18 weeksSen. Deidre Henderson (R-Salt Lake)
HB 153Utah Vital Statistics Act AmendmentsRep. Merrill Nelson (R-Grantsville)FAILED
Prohibits a change of gender on a person's birth certificateSen. Ralph Okerlund (R-Monroe)
HB 166Down Syndrome Nondiscrimination Abortion ActRep. Karianne Lisonbee (R-Clearfield)PASSED
Prohibits abortion solely because the fetus may have Down syndromeSen. Curt Bramble (R-Provo)
HB418Universal Background Checks for Firearm PurchasersRep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake)FAILED
This bill requires a background check for all firearm sales.
HB 441S01Tax Equalization and Reduction ActRep. Tim Quinn (R-Heber)HELD for special session
Decreases sales and income taxses, expands sales taxes to certain services

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