Support Ranked Choice Voting in UT cities!

January 9th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

In 2018 the Utah State Legislature passed HB 35 nearly unanimously to create a Ranked Choice Voting pilot program for Utah municipalities. Ranked Choice Voting has been adopted in 11 cities around the country and is shown to reduce the costs of elections for cities and candidates, increase voter turnout and improve civility of elections. Six Utah cities have now adopted Ranked Choice Voting to improve elections in municipalities during the 2019 election cycle!

Cottonwood Heights, West Jordan, Lehi, Payson, Salem, and Vineyard opted in to the Ranked Choice Voting pilot program for 2019 municipal elections. Show support for these pioneering cities and their decision to pave the way for Ranked Choice Voting in cities around the country!


  • Live in one of these six cities? Thank your city council members and mayors for passing Ranked Choice Voting to improve elections and reduce costs. Find council member and mayor contact info below.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper congratulating the six Ranked Choice Voting cities and explaining how Ranked Choice Voting helps strengthen our democracy and benefits our elections in Utah and beyond. Find more information on Ranked Choice Voting at, or use these talking points.
  • Spread the word on social media about how Ranked Choice Voting improves elections.

City Council Member Contact Information by City

Cottonwood Heights Mayor Michael Peterson Salt Lake County * (801) 944-7087
Cottonwood Heights Council Members Mike Shelton (801) 944-7085
Cottonwood Heights Council Members Scott Bracken (801) 944-7086
Cottonwood Heights Council Members Tali Bruce 801-944-7037
Cottonwood Heights Council Members Christine Mikell 801-944-7014


West Jordan Mayor Jim Riding Salt Lake County * 801-633-1430
West Jordan Council Members Chris McConnehey 801-613-8889
West Jordan Council Members Dirk Burton 801-440-7035
West Jordan Council Members Zach Jacob 801-755-9628
West Jordan Council Members Alan Anderson 801-613-0801
West Jordan Council Members Chad Lamb 801-856-5262
West Jordan Council Members Kayleen Whitelock 801-280-2367
Lehi Mayor Mark Johnson Utah County * 385.201.2269
Lehi Council Members Paige Albrecht 801.766.8750
Lehi Council Members Chris Condie 801.400.4258
Lehi Council Members Paul Hancock 801.673.8783
Lehi Council Members Johnny Revill 801.318.9188
Lehi Council Members Mike Southwick 801.768.8360
Payson Mayor Bill Wright Utah County * 801-465-5200
Payson Council Members Linda Carter n/a
Payson Council Members Brett Christensen n/a
Payson Council Members Taresa Hiatt n/a
Payson Council Members Brian Hulet n/a
Payson Council Members Doug Welton n/a
Salem Mayor Kurt Christensen Utah County * 801-423-2770 ext. 201
Salem Council Members Sterling Rees 801-423-2770
Salem Council Members Howard Chuntz 801-423-2770
Salem Council Members Seth Sorensen 801-273-2770
Salem Council Members Cristy Simons 801-273-2770
Salem Council Members Craig Warren 801-273-2770
Vineyard Mayor Julie A. Fullmer Utah County *
Vineyard Council Members Nathan Riley
Vineyard Council Members Pamela Spencer
Vineyard Council Members Tyce Flake
Vineyard Council Members John Earnest
Vineyard Council Members Chris Judd

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