Defend the voters voice on Prop 3 #UtahDecided

January 22nd, 2019|Action of the Week|1 Comment

After years of legislative failure to fully expand Medicaid, voters took action in November to close the coverage gap by passing Proposition 3.

Every year, $800 million of our tax dollars go to Washington D.C. and fund health care in OTHER states. But Proposition 3 fixed that by bringing our tax dollars home to Utah to expand Medicaid and help hardworking Utahns who earn less than $17,000 a year to get health care instead. Prop 3 is a good deal that creates 14,000 jobs, grows our economy by $1.7 billion, and helps working families who can’t afford healthcare at the same time.

However, the Utah State Legislature is now threatening to ignore the will of the people by repealing and replacing Prop 3 — delaying access to health care indefinitely for 150,000 of our friends and neighbors.

It’s time to speak up to defend your vote and call on legislators to leave Prop 3 alone!


  • Rally Against Repeal! Join advocates and voters for a rally on the first day of the legislative session to stand up for Proposition 3’s full Medicaid expansion and protest efforts to repeal the citizen initiative by “amending”, “revising” or “fixing” it beyond recognition and effectiveness. The Rally Against Repeal will take place on Monday, January 28th at 3:30p inside the State Capitol Building (rotunda area).
  • Share your story about why you voted yes on Prop 3 by posting online and using the hashtags #WhyIVotedYes and #UtahDecided. Use whatever you want–a picture, text, a picture holding a poster with your answer or with these hashtags, etc.

Utah voters are smart, they are informed, and they chose Medicaid expansion in Prop 3 — with no delays, no caps, and no red tape. Repeal efforts threaten the health and well-being of Utahns. Join us on January 28th to make it clear that the people of this state support full Medicaid expansion.

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  1. Pat pfeiffer January 22, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    This rich country can afford to have Medicare for all. There should be no gap in coverage!

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