URGENT: Save Medicaid expansion for 150,000 Utahns!

In November Utahns voted to pass Prop 3 for full Medicaid expansion. Yesterday Utahns rallied against the repeal of Medicaid to defend their vote on Prop 3 in November. Today the Senate Health & Human Services committee will consider one repeal bill (SB 97) and one repeal and replace bill (SB 96).

Legislators need to hear from you TODAY BEFORE 2P to defend Prop 3 for Medicaid expansion!


  • CLICK HERE to contact the senate committee members NOW!
  • Have an extra minute? CLICK HERE to contact your state senator and state rep.

Common myths

Myth: A waiver for Medicaid repeal and replace will be forthcoming from the federal government. Reality: A waiver like the one Utah would be asking for under SB 96 repeal and replace bill has never been granted before. In fact, the federal government last week put out a statement that they may issue block grants that would only cover Medicaid at a far lower rate than what SB 96 asks for. SB 96 is a risky gamble that relies on this federal waiver. Without it, Medicaid expansion could get delayed indefinitely, or it could cause Utah taxpayers to pay the same amount as Prop 3 for far less Medicaid coverage.

Myth: We can’t afford Medicaid expansion. Reality: Careful estimates for costs of the expansion were calculated by Proposition 3: Utah Decides Healthcare, and a mechanism was included in the measure to pay for the expansion in a sustainable way. Some legislators are using higher cost estimates to justify repeal measures that do not include cost savings of the program.

Myth: Prop 3 would cause people between 100-138% to lose ACA coverage and health care benefits through their work places. Reality: People between 100-138% would transition from ACA coverage to Medicaid. In both cases their healthcare costs would be completely covered. People in this income range rarely receive health care benefits through their workplaces.

Find more talking points by clicking the links above and send a quick email to legislators to let them know what you think about Medicaid repeal!

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  1. Refugio Saldivar January 29, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    As you go into the Medicaid expansion vote please remember that this great country has a vote to hear the people’s voice and think with your hearts of the teachings of Jesus we are here to take care of those in need

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