Protect Better Boundaries!

As legislators debate plans for Prop 3 in the Utah state legislature, advocates fear potential plans to alter Prop 4, the bipartisan Better Boundaries initiative passed by a majority of voters to establish an independent redistricting commission. The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported likely amendments, litigation or both. Although no bill has been filed yet to amend Prop 4, supporters of redistricting can take this simple action to defend the will of the people and Better Boundaries.


Why Should Legislators Respect Prop 4?

  • The Utah Constitution provides citizens the right to enact laws through ballot initiatives. The Utah Supreme Court has consistently upheld this right.
  • Utahns passed Prop 4. It is now the law of the land, and the Legislature should honor the voice of the people – duly articulated through this legitimate process.

Why is Prop 4 Beneficial for Utah?

  • Prop 4 was designed to strengthen our representative democracy by curtailing the practice of gerrymandering – by everyone.
  • Prop 4 is a reasonable approach to redistricting reform. Other states have pursued more aggressive measures, e.g. through a binding commission. By leaving the Legislature with the final say, Prop 4 creates a balanced process to protect our elections from the harmful effects of gerrymandering.
  • Contrary to claims that Prop will result in lawsuits, the redistricting standards created by Prop 4 will protect against the type of lawsuits that have been brought in other states regarding alleged unlawful maps.   

CLICK HERE to learn more about Prop 4 for Better Boundaries.

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