Clean up freight switchers to clean up our air! (HB98 and HCR3)

February 5th, 2019|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Two good bills are coming up for votes TODAY AT 2PM to help improve our air quality!

Air quality is a top issue for Utahns. That’s why Rep. Steve Handy has proposed two bills to address highly polluting freight switchers, a type of yard locomotive train operating along the Wasatch Front with old Tier 0 engines that are 99% dirtier than the current standard Tier 4 engine. What’s worse, these trains must idle all day long, emitting extra diesel exhaust into our air shed. The good news is that these trains can be retrofitted with cleaner engines. But, federal laws prohibit the state from requiring the upgrades. There are 60 old, dirty freight switcher trains within the state. Let’s help them get cleaned up!

Take action to pass two good air quality bills getting a vote in committee TODAY AT 2PM!

HB 98: Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation and HCR 3: House Concurrent Resolution Urging the EPA to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards would push to clean up high emissions train engines that are polluting our air sheds. 

Email the members of the House Natural Resources Committee BEFORE 2PM TODAY to ask them to vote YES on HB 98 and HCR 3 to clean up our air!

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