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​Yesterday the Medicaid expansion repeal and replace bill, SB 96, passed through the Senate, despite recent analysis that shows it will cost $30-40M more than Prop 3 in year one and 7x more by the end of year two while offering less health care coverage than Prop 3. Legislators who passed the measure are looking to reduce long-term costs of the program. But are they aware about the risks of gambling on a federal waiver​ that’s never been granted before?If no waiver is granted, SB 96 will roll back Medicaid expansion altogether.

Take action to protect Medicaid expansion from this risky gamble!

If cost savings are truly the goal, a better option exists! HB 210: Medicaid Expansion Revisions by Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) would keep full Medicaid expansion in place under Prop 3 while the reducing costs of the program. But this bill is stuck in Rules while SB 96 is getting the hard push in the House.

Ask your state representative to vote NO on the risky SB 96 and push for for real Medicaid expansion cost savings via HB 210 without risking health care access for Utahns.

BONUS: Ask the members of the House Business & Labor Standing Committee to vote NO on SB 96! 

SB 96 will move on to a hearing in the House Business & Labor Standing Committee in the next day or so. Take two extra minutes to contact committee members today!

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  1. Tamara Bell February 7, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Trust the voters! We did our research and weighed the pros and cons and we voted based on that research – keep the Medicaid expansion we supported, voted on and passed!

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