Help Utah plan for water conservation

Utah is the second driest states in the nation, and when we experience drought, as we have for several recent years, water becomes a high priority issue for Utahns. Yet, our water consumption is currently the highest in the nation, at somewhere between 167-248 gallons per capita per day. Considering that our population is expected to nearly double by 2050, smart water strategies are needed now to promote conservation.

HB 143 would require water suppliers to study what it would take to reduce their municipal water use to 175 gallons per person per day.

Let’s help pass this smart and forward-thinking bill!

A House committee will vote on HB 143 TODAY AT 4PM. Ask committee members to pass HB 143 to improve water conservation planning in Utah!

PLEASE NOTE: ​Conservative and rural voices are needed most! Are you a constituent of one of the committee members? Be sure to mention it! Find out who represents you at

House Natural Resources Committee Members:

Rep. Carl Albrecht
Rep. Joel Briscoe
Rep. Scott Chew
Rep. Susan Duckworth
Rep. Timothy Hawkes
Rep. Mike McKell
Rep. Phil Lyman
Rep. Derrin Owens
Rep. Douglas Sagers
Rep. Joel Ferry
Chair Keven Stratton
Rep. Christine Watkins
Vice-Chair Logan Wilde

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