URGENT: The House votes on Medicaid today at 11a!

The biggest debate of the 2019 State Legislative Session so far is over a controversial bill, SB 96, which would repeal and replace Medicaid expansion under Prop 3 with a more limited expansion that relies on a waiver from the federal government. But what happens if we don’t get the waiver?

SB 96 has been amended several times, and rumor has it that more amendments are coming today.

ASK YOUR LEGISLATOR TO INSIST ON A STOPGAP AMENDMENT to ensure that if the federal government fails to issue Utah the needed waiver, SB 96 should then revert back to Prop 3 for full Medicaid expansion rather than paying $3 for every $1 for less health care coverage under SB 96.

OR ask your legislator to press leadership to release good bill HB 210, which would reduce the cost of the program while keeping full Medicaid expansion in place under Prop 3.

Today’s vote on SB 96 could be the most important vote of the 2019 Legislative Session — with health care for 100,000 Utahns hanging in the balance.

HURRY to contact your state House representative BEFORE 11AM TODAY!

The legislature can make a win-win decision on Medicaid expansion, but only if Utahns speak up NOW to protect Medicaid expansion!

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