It’s time to tackle suicide prevention

Last week the Deseret News endorsed of the most important suicide prevention bills of the year, HB 209 Extreme Risk Protective Order by Rep. Steve Handy, which is soon to be heard in the state House of Representatives. Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPOs), otherwise known as ‘red flag’ laws, create a civil procedure by which a family member or law enforcement may petition a judge to file an order based on evidence to temporarily remove access to firearms for a person who poses a dangerous threat to themselves or others.

This good bill comes from evidence-based policies now in 13 states and being considered in 18 more, and has been carefully crafted with input from a wide range of stakeholders to ensure best practices for suicide prevention, domestic violence, mental health and law enforcement while maintaining strong due process protections, high evidentiary standards and penalties for false claims to protect respondents and Second Amendment rights (more info).

Legislators need to hear from you to support HB 209 Extreme Risk Protective Order!

68% of Utahns support ERPOs. Send a quick email to your House rep to ask them to vote YES on HB 209!

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