3 good resolutions for air quality!

Help support four great resolutions moving through the state legislature to promote better air quality in Utah!

HCR 3 Urging the EPA to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards – Rep. Handy. Urges  greater federal regulation under the Clean Air Act to help Utah clean up the dirtiest freight switcher engines creating diesel emissions along the Wasatch Front.

HCR 11 Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 Gasoline – Rep. Harrison. Encourages the purchase of Tier 3 compliant gasoline (lower-sulfur gasoline) by retailers and consumers to improve the safety, health, and welfare of Utah’s citizens.

HCR 13 Encouraging Utah Refiners to Manufacture Tier 3 Gasoline to Improve Air Quality – Rep. Arent/Sen. Weiler. Urges refineries operating within Utah to utilize the state sales and use tax exemption provided by the state to make the investments necessary to manufacture lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline in Utah to improve air quality.

These three resolutions are all being considered the Senate. Contact your state senator and ask them to support all three resolutions to improve air quality and protect our health and welfare!

Contact your state senator to ask them to support these great resolutions today!

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