Support 3 good bills to save lives in Utah!

The most important suicide prevention bill of the year is HB 209 Extreme Risk Protective Order, an evidence-based policy that would create a civil procedure by which a family member or law enforcement may petition a judge to file an order based on evidence to temporarily remove access to firearms for a person who poses a dangerous threat to themselves or others. Supporters of this good bill include the Executive Committee of the Statewide Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Deseret News, American Suicide Prevention Federation of Utah, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and many, many more,

TAKE ACTION TO PASS HB 209 – Utah’s ‘red flag’ law!

Other good suicide prevention bills we support this session include:

  • HB 17 Firearms Safety and Suicide Prevention Amendments – encourages lethal means restriction and firearms safety education
  • SB 106 Mental Health Services in Schools – allows State Medicaid and private insurance to pay for mental health services provided in schools​ and by school employees

​Take action to get all three good suicide prevention bills passed!

Legislators need to hear from their constituents to pass these important bills!

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