URGENT: Support affordable housing policy to solve our housing shortage!

Strong economic growth in our state has led to population growth, which has impacted housing accessibility and affordability across almost all but the uppermost income levels. The housing shortage affects our teachers, firefighters, first time home buyers, student renters, those moving in for jobs and our most vulnerable populations like our elderly and those experiencing homelessness. Housing is at a crisis in the state because there is just not enough housing stock at multiple price points for renters or those wishing to buy.

SB 34, by Sen. Jake Anderegg (R-Lehi), seeks to address this housing crisis by spreading the responsibility of affordable housing throughout all Utah cities and encouraging smart growth. This complicated issue is shrouded in myths about affordable housing. Take action to debunk the myths and get this good bill passed TODAY!

SB 34 will get a hearing in the House Economic Development Committee TOMORROW. Take a moment to contact the members of the committee to ask for their support NOW!


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