URGENT! The Cleaner Car bill is coming up for a vote!

Air quality is a top priority for Utahns, and legislators like Rep. Jeff Stenquist (R-Draper) are working hard to reduce pollution to improve air quality for our health, lifestyle and economy.

Did you know that 42% of emissions come from passenger vehicles and light duty trucks? Even worse, only 19% of our vehicles — those that are model year 2003 and older — contribute 61% of the vehicle emissions. HB 295, the “Cleaner Car Bill” would implement the Vehicle Emission Reduction Program to reduce emissions by taking the dirtiest cars off the road.

This excellent clean air bill is getting a committee hearing ON MONDAY AT 4PM! Contact the members of the committee to ask for their support of HB 295!

Two minutes of your time could help get this bill passed. Take action today!

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