Help this good election bill get across the finish line!

Current law gives County Clerks the leeway to choose how long polls are open during early voting, but specifies that polls must close at 5 p.m. on the last day of early voting. That means that individual counties are unable to set later closing hours to fit the needs of that location to give eligible voters who prefer early voting the chance to cast a ballot.

SB 61 is a simple bill that would allow individual counties more flexibility to determine the best closing time for polls on the final day of early voting to suit the needs of their registered voters, especially those who are unable to come to a polling location during daytime business hours.

Help this good elections bill get across the finish line by asking your rep to vote YES on SB 61!

SB 61 has passed in a House committee and must pass one final vote on the House floor. Take a minute to contact your House rep today!

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