The most important thing you can do for clean air bills!

This year Governor Herbert proposed $100M in funding for clean air legislation, and lawmakers, advocates and state agencies have responded by proposing incredible projects to significantly reduce air pollution in Utah. However, the Governor’s budget is only a suggestion, and it is up to legislators to decide how much funding air quality will receive.

With so many issues fighting for funding, and a shrunken estimate of budget surplus, how will legislators decide what to prioritize for funding? Much of the decision will come down to how many people speak up asking for air quality appropriations.

The most important thing you can do for clean air is speak up NOW for air quality funding!

We have a unique opportunity RIGHT NOW to get air quality funding on a level like never before, but this opportunity will not exist next year. Budget decisions will be made SOON – there’s no time to waste!

Contact Executive Appropriations TODAY to ask them to prioritize air quality funding!

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