Get the dirtiest cars off the road for clean air!

Today a great clean air bill will be heard in the House Natural Resources Committee, and committee members need to hear from you asking for their support!

HB 295 (the “Cleaner Car bill”) would help tackle emissions by encouraging the retirement and replacement of the dirtiest cars in nonattainment areas. The bill targets older cars (MY 2003 and older), which produce exponentially more emissions than other vehicles — and far more when they fail an emissions test. Implementing HB 295’s Vehicle Emission Reduction (VER) program would provide vehicle replacement assistance at a low cost per ton — that means the bill is a good bang for your buck!

Governor Herbert’s 2019 air quality budget recommendations include HB 295’s VER program.

Ask legislators to support this good clean air bill with a favorable vote TODAY BEFORE 4PM!


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