Pass this bill to reduce emissions from vehicle idling!

One of the largest contributing factors to the air quality problem in Utah is vehicle emissions, which account for 42% of air pollution. Utah currently has an idling law enacted in 2012 which states that leaving a car idling for longer than two minutes is illegal. However, this law requires that three warnings be issued before a fine can be imposed on a person idling a vehicle, and warnings are very difficult to track. The law is therefore considered to be “toothless” due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to enforce and fails to curb vehicle idling.

HB 148 amends the idling bill of 2012 to make the law more enforceable by reducing the requirement to just one warning issued before a fine is imposed. Help this good, bipartisan bill get passed!

The Senate Transportation Standing Committee will be hearing HB 148 soon. Contact committee members today!


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