Support this bipartisan bill to eliminate straight ticket voting!

On Utah ballots, voters are given the opportunity to indicate a straight-ticket vote for a particular political party. However, straight-ticket voting can cause significant issues and voter confusion. In a general election, only around half of the races on the ballot are partisan, meaning that half of the races on an individual’s’ ballot are not covered by the straight-ticket option and that voters can become confused and fail to vote for other items on the ballot, such as candidates for school board, judicial seats and ballot measures. Other voters confuse the straight-ticket checkbox as a party identification indicator instead of a ballot measure.

Eliminating the straight-ticket option does not prohibit a voter from voting for all candidates from a single party. But it does eliminate confusion and help voters to ensure voters consider each item on the ballot individually and vote however they like on each measure.

HB 259 is a bipartisan bill by Rep. Arent, Rep. Hall and Sen. Bramble. Help this good election policy get a favorable vote in the House!

The House of Representatives will be voting on HB 259 any day now. Please contact your House Rep TODAY and ask them to vote YES on HB 259!

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