URGENT: Fix this glitch to protect legal immigrants BEFORE 4PM!

Due to a glitch between state and federal law, a misdemeanor in Utah can be treated like a felony for immigration purposes if it carries a potential sentence of a full year. This glitch results in harsh consequences for legal immigrants, including green card holders, refugees, and victims of domestic violence.

Rep. Eric Hutchings (R-Kearns) has proposed a small change that will remedy this glitch. HB 244 Misdemeanor Sentencing Timeline provides that misdemeanors carry a 364-day sentence and felonies carry a possible sentence of 365 days or more, preventing automatic deportation over simple, non-violent crimes.

HB 244 has passed in the House and will get a vote in the Senate Judiciary committee TODAY AT 4PM – ask them to vote YES on HB 244!

Contact senators NOW and ask them to support HB 244!

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