URGENT: Act quickly to get funding for clean air bills!

Last week came to a rocky end with the failure of tax reform and the announcement of a “skinny budget” for nonessential budget items. But after a weekend of negotiations, the Utah House and Senate have not yet come to an agreement on the spending budget. That means there is still time — if we act quickly — to ask legislators to fund air quality measures.

Good clean air bill HB 295 Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program (“Cleaner Car bill”) passed in a Senate committee today. This is one of the many good clean air bills being proposed this year, and one of the lowest cost per ton with a high reduction in air pollution from removing some of the dirtiest cars on the road. Ask the Executive Appropriations Committee members to prioritize funding for air quality measures, including HB 295!

Air quality is a top priority for Utahns. Ask legislators to help address this issue by meaningfully funding bills that clean up our air! 

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