Hurry! Submit public comments on UTA bus service choices!

April 15th, 2019|Action of the Day|1 Comment

Service Choices is a public outreach effort by UTA (Utah Transportation Agency) that seeks to involve the communities they serve in a conversation about priorities for bus service planning.

Bus service is important for meeting transportation needs and for improving air quality in Utah. Buses carry over half of UTA’s customers and is the only way to get service to most people. Now is your chance to weigh in on what bus services should look like by providing your public comments!


Customers who need additional assistance completing the survey are welcome to contact UTA’s Customer Service Agents at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882).

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  1. Julius Ford Tumwesigye April 15, 2019 at 4:07 pm


    I think whoever is running UTA hasn’t noticed that the Salt Lake City population is changing and needs to make changes to meet the new changes. If you really want people to take Public Transport to meet whatever needs then there must be Public Transport available for them to take. These are my concerns and I’m sure concerns of some other people.
    1. How can some areas have no Bus reach? I work Weekends and I’m sure other people do too. Some areas don’t have Bus stops and the network stops in some parts. So your only option in such areas is to own a car or hail down an Uber\Lyft. How that helps the common goals of UTA, I don’t see.

    2. How can there be no buses at certain times over the weekend? As early as 9am, on a Saturday,in some parts you can’t get a bus until I guess you camp and wait for Monday. This is honestly ridiculous. I was so surprised when I got to know this.

    3. People have work on Sundays. We know the State is set-up to fit the Church’s needs on a Sunday but as I mentioned the State\City is changing. Not everyone who comes here is holed up in church on Sunday…

    The city is changing and whoever is running UTA and the City in general needs to know that fact. New people are coming into the city and not everyone can ride\drive privately. Work needs to be done to meet these demands

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