5 Actions you can take for Earth Day

April 17th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Environmental stewardship ranks high among the top priorities for Utahns with air quality, water supply and quality and environment all in the top ten issues, according to a poll by the Utah Foundation.

Earth Day is the biggest day of civic action in the world, with over a billion people participating each year in actions for environmental stewardship. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, make a plan now for how YOU will make a positive environmental impact in Utah for Earth Day!


  1. Take action to clean up Utah’s air. Make simple changes to your driving habits – such as reducing your idling (turn off your engine to stop idling more than 10 seconds at a time), trip-chaining, skipping the trip, riding public transportation and telecommuting. Learn more about TravelWise strategies at UCAIR.org.
  2. Take action to reduce your carbon emissions. Carbon emissions have a harmful impact on our air quality, health, economy and climate. Simple changes can reduce air pollution and save money! Check out this NY Times article​ to learn more about carbon emissions and how to reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Take action to conserve water. Fix running faucets and toilets immediately, reduce water use for landscaping, shorten showers and turn off the tap. Utah is the second driest states in the nation, yet, our water consumption is currently the highest in the nation, at somewhere between 167-248 gallons per capita per day. Get more water conservation tips at ConserveH2O.org.
  4. Take action to reduce your use of plastics. Bring your own bag, use (non-plastic) reusable water bottles and mugs, and say no to the straw. Over 8 billion metric tons of plastic reaches the ocean each year in large pieces and micro particles that cause severe environmental damage and can even end up in our own food chain. Reducing plastic trash starts and reducing plastic consumption. Find 10 simple ways your family can reduce plastic use from National Geographic.
  5. Take action at EarthDay.org​, which offers 6 ways to get a little greener. Help them reach 3 billion Acts of Green worldwide by choosing to take one of your own!

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