Come to the ceremonial bill signing for Air Quality bills on Earth Day!

April 19th, 2019|Action of the Day|0 Comments

AMAZING NEWS! The Governor will be holding a ceremonial signing on Earth Day (April 22) for all of the terrific air quality bills and appropriations that were passed during the 2019 State Legislation, and all are invited!

Nearly $29 million was approved in funding for air quality this year – an unprecedented number, and more state legislators sponsored air quality bills than ever.

Action Utah is proud of YOU for taking actions that helped to pass many of the important bills being recognized, and we are proud of our staff for writing and advancing one of the resolutions getting honored: HCR 2 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal Energy with Rep. Patrice Arent which will increase renewables and help boost rural economies.


  • Join us in celebrating at the ceremonial signing on Monday, April  22, 2:ooP in the Capitol Plaza on Capitol Hill, 350 N. State Street in SLC.
  • Thank your state representative and senator for any votes they made supporting air quality bills and resolutions, and ask them to keep up the momentum on one of Utah’s very top priorities!


Want to know how your state senator and representative voted on air quality bills? Download our 2019 Vote Tracker!

Bills and appropriations being signed ceremonially on Earth Day


  • HB107S01 – Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act Amendments (Rep. Handy)
  • HB139S01 – Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments (Rep. Romero)
  • HB148S04 – Vehicle Idling Revisions (Rep. Arent)
  • HB218S02 – Construction Code Modifications (Rep. Schultz)
  • HB353 – Reduction of Single Occupancy Vehicle Trips Pilot Program Amendments (Rep. Briscoe)
  • HB357S01 – Voluntary Wood Burning Conversion Program (Rep. Hawkes)
  • HB411S02 – Community Renewable Energy Act (Rep. Handy)
  • HCR2S01 – Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal Energy (Rep. Arent)
  • HCR3S01 – Concurrent Resolution Urging the Environmental Protection Agency to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards (Rep. Handy)
  • HCR5 – Concurrent Resolution Urging Policies that Reduce Damage from Wildfires (Rep. Ward)
  • HCR9 – Concurrent Resolution Commending Jordan School District on its Fleet of Natural Gas School Buses (Rep. Ward)
  • HCR11 – Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 Gasoline (Rep. Harrison)
  • HCR13 – Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utah Refiners to Manufacture Tier 3 Gasoline to Improve Air Quality (Rep. Arent)
  • SB21 – Sunset Reauthorization – Air Conservation Act (Sen. Grover)
  • SB144S01 – Environmental Quality Monitoring Amendments (Sen. Escamilla)


  • State Teleworking (Rep. Arent) – $6,253,000 one-time funding
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at State Sites (Rep. Potter) – $2,000,000 one-time funding
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (Rep. Snow) – 4,990,000 one-time funding
  • Weatherization (Rep. Handy) – $1,000,000 one-time funding
  • Air Quality Messaging Campaigns (Rep. Arent) – $500,000 one-time funding
  • Pre-2007 State Vehicle Replacement Plan (Rep. Handy) – $4,000,000 one-time funding
  • Mobile Monitoring Data Collection (Sen. Escamilla) – $50,000 one-time funding
  • Air Quality and Climate Research Study (Speaker Wilson) – $200,000 one-time funding

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