Take climate action during Earth Week!

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The vast majority of Utahns believe in climate change, including people from varying political perspectives, backgrounds and ages. Recently published op-eds and editorials in Utah on climate change show the diversity of perspectives, and support the fact that climate change is a human issue, not solely Democratic or Republican or even just an environmental stewardship issue.

2018’s momentous resolution HCR7 stated that environmental and economic stewardship can go hand in hand and that Utah can and should come up with innovative solutions to climate variability that benefit and grow our economy. It’s time to move forward finding those innovative solutions!


  • Read the opeds and editorial below to see how Utahns are talking about climate change
  • Ask your elected officials to take action! Let your reps know that you care about climate change and want to see actions taken to implement climate solutions in your city/county/state to protect our health, lifestyle, economy, safety and security, environment and future!

Contact your state legislators to ask them to propose and support state climate solutions:


Tips for advocating for climate change in Utah:

  • Create a safe, judgement-free environment in your conversations with elected officials who may have doubts or questions about climate change – invite conversation without argument, truly listen to their concerns, meet them where they are at.
  • Try to see the issue from their perspective – what are the logistical, financial and political challenges for climate action, and how can those challenges be overcome? Why is it more financially or politically beneficial to overcome these challenges than to fail to act on climate?
  • Figure out where you agree and find common ground – don’t linger on the controversial climate topics where you may disagree most, like specific impacts or causes.
  • Forward one or two of the most impactful op-eds below to your legislators.

Recent Op-eds and Editorial on Climate Change

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