Check out Interim TOMORROW with Action Utah!

Tomorrow will be the first Interim Session of the year – the one day a month between May and November when state legislators come together to study issues and policy proposals facing our state before the next legislative session. Interim committee meetings are held throughout the day and are all open to the public.

Participating in Interim is an excellent way to learn about our political process, the issues and how our legislators are thinking about them! Action Utah makes it easy to participate in these three ways:

  1. Attend Interim with Action Utah as an observer! Attending Interim can be not only fun and informative, it can also be helpful to other Utahns! Meet with our team, sit in a committee hearing, record your observations and we’ll share what you learned with our members. No experience necessary, and we’ll be there to guide you. Email us to join us as an observer at tomorrow’s Interim Session (at 8:15-11:15a and/or 1:00-4:00p)!
  2. Join Action Utah for our lunchtime “Tour & Talk: Interim 101” to learn the basics about Interim Sessions and how to participate. 12:00-1:00p in the Seagull Room. Register here.
  3. Listen to Interim on your own. Use our handy May Interim Action Guide to decide what meetings and issues matter most to you and attend in person or by listening live or after the fact via the State Legislative Website at

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