Report smoking vehicles to clean up our air!

Vehicle emissions account for 42% of wintertime air pollution along the Wasatch Front. Smoking vehicles are far more polluting than compliant vehicles. Some vehicle owners aren’t aware if their vehicles are emitting additional smoke. Others may not be aware of the toxic impact of a smoking vehicle on the health of people both outside and INSIDE the car.

Now there is a way to help reduce the number of smoking vehicles to improve our air quality! Introducing…, a new tool by UCAIR and Salt Lake County Health Department launched to help community members report smoking vehicles and local health departments to assist drivers with repairing failing cars in order to clean up our air.

The new website comes at the same time as the Utah legislature passed a law strengthening penalties against drivers who break Utah emission standards. Now you can use the Utah Smoking Vehicles website or hotline to report coal rolling and other smoking vehicles!


See a smoking vehicle? Report it!

The website asks for some basic information such as date, location, and license plate number of the offending vehicles. Once a vehicle is reported, the local health department will send the driver a letter in the mail.

Remember, repairing smoking vehicles is not only better for the environment, it can also be better for the car and can prevent significant damage!

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