Ask Congress to pass the Dream and Promise Act

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee passed the Dream and Promise Act, a bill that would create a path to permanent legal protection for immigrants who have lived (and worked) in America for decades, including immigrant youth under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (Dreamers) and people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). This bill:

  • Helps secure the futures of over 2.5 million people, including students, teachers, and members of the military who have been left in limbo and under threat of deportation.
  • Helps families stay together and secure long-term economic stability
  • Enables thousands of students to pursue their education and career goals by opening financial aid and college loans
  • Stabilizes families for the millions of American students whose parents are undocumented and face threat of work permit losses and deportation
  • Helps schools that rely on the thousands of teachers and education support professionals who rely on work permits

Polling data shows that a majority of Utahns believe legal immigration should be easier (Utah Policy) and that Dreamers should be given a legal pathway to stay in the United States (Tribune-Hinckley). For over two decades, both parties in Congress have worked toward providing permanent protections for immigrant youth.The Dream and Promise Act now moves on to a full House vote. That’s where YOU come in — Congress needs to hear from constituents to ensure this bill passes in the House!

Help get this good bill passed by taking action today!


  • Call your U.S. House Representative and ask them to support the Dream and Promise Act to strengthen our communities and give home and dignity to friends, neighbors and family members by creating a legal pathway protected status.

Rep. Rob Bishop (Congressional District 1): 202-225-0453 (DC) // 801-625-0107 (Ogden)
Rep. Chris Stewart (Congressional District 2): 202-225-9730 (DC) // 801-364-5550 (SLC) // 435-627-1500 (St. George)
Rep. John Curtis (Congressional District 3): (202) 225-7751 (DC) // (801) 851-2500 (Provo)
Rep. Ben McAdams (Congressional District 4):  202-225-3011 (DC) // 801-999-9801 (West Jordan)

Not sure who your U.S. Representative is? Check here.

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