Weigh in on the regional haze plan for Utah

Regional haze is the air pollution that blurs beautiful views of our treasured national parks and also causes harm to our health, economy and climate. Utah is required to create a plan to reduce regional haze caused by coal-fired plants located within 120 miles of our give National Parks. The State released one plan in 2016 but the federal Environmental Protection Agency rejected it because it wasn’t effective enough.

Next week the Utah Air Quality Board will be voting on a revised plan to address regional haze. Utahns fall on both sides of this issue, with some believing the revised plan (which has already been submitted to and rejected by the EPA twice before) is a less expensive way to achieve good impact on air quality and others believing the repurposed plan does not go far enough to achieve good air quality and undermines the Federal Implementation Plan adopted by the EPA in 2016. Find out more on the debate here.

No matter which opinion you hold, you can weigh in at the upcoming Utah Air Quality Board meeting!


  • Attend the Air Quality Board meeting on June 24th at 1:30p to have a voice in the regional haze plan! The meeting will be held at 195 N 1950 W, SLC 84116 in Conference Room 1015 (1st Floor).
  • Can’t attend in person? Give your comments the individual Air Quality Board members (see the contact information below).

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