Slow the flow for water conservation!

Utah is the second driest state in the nation, but we have one of the highest municipal water uses per capita, and much of that water is used on our lawns and landscaping in the summer months. However, Utahns care deeply about water conservation.

Governor Herbert set a voluntary goal of 25% water savings through conservation by 2025. In response, The Utah Division of Water Resources created the H2Oath conservation project to help educate the public about the importance and easy of simple water conservation efforts, particularly around watering lawns – such as watering during cooler hours and not during or directly after rain storms, identifying and fixing leaks in homes and businesses and cutting back shower length by at least one minute.

The division’s Slow the Flow program offers a lawn watering guide that is updated every week with weekly lawn watering recommendations based on the prior week’s weather conditions and precipitation, as well as evapotranspiration data and predicted weather patterns for the upcoming week. The guide provides recommendations for each individual county on their website, social media and apps for mobile devices.


  • Find out how YOU can save water through Slow the Flow by using their lawn metering guide/app, taking the H20ath and/or taking advantage of free water check to analyze the efficiency of your irrigation system.



A Water Check analyzes the efficiency of your automated sprinkler irrigation system. Trained evaluators will perform the Water Check at your home, business, or institution and will provide you with a customized irrigation schedule. Soil type, grass root depth, sprinkler distribution uniformity and water pressure will also be evaluated. The entire process will take approximately one to one and a half hours.


Water Checks are available May 22nd through August for:

  • Salt Lake City Public Utilities customers (Salt Lake City, Millcreek, parts of Holladay, and Cottonwood Heights)
  • Sandy City
  • Eagle Mountain
  • Iron County
  • Washington County
  • Davis County
  • Weber County
  • Morgan County
  • Summit County

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