Help Utah solve the workforce gap with childcare solutions

Utah has a workforce shortage, both in skilled and unskilled positions, and many companies are looking out of state for employees to fill the gap. Yet right here in Utah there many qualified employees who are unable to work because of lack of child care. Affordable and quality child care is essential for supporting working parents, particularly women. Research shows that access to child care increases women’s employment in the formal economy, the number of hours they work, and family income for two-parent households.

Across the nation $4 billion is lost annually due to child care breakdowns and 83% of employees would leave a job for more family-friendly benefits. In Utah, the numbers are also telling:

  • 63% of Utahn parents are unable to afford child care
  • Parents spend 23% of their income on child care
  • 44% of Utah mothers left their work because of lack of affordable, high quality child care


  • Ask your state legislators to support policies that improve access to high quality, affordable childcare.
  • Encourage your workplace to connect with the Utah Childcare Cooperative to explore a range of childcare solutions that work for your business and employees.
  • Highlight the issue with a letter to the editor of your local paper describing a personal story of how the lack of child care impacts your business, your career or someone you know.


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