Get Involved With An Issue You Care About: Volunteer!

Welcome to the heart of summer- a time of activity, play, and often leisure. It’s also a great time to get involved volunteering at a local organization. There are many different volunteer opportunities across the state of Utah, and volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact in your local community.

What You Can Do:

We here at Action Utah have a number of ways to get involved, you can fill out our volunteer form to get started working with us: Really though, you can pick any issue you care about, and find an organization doing good work with that chosen issue. Most organizations are looking for extra hands to lighten the workload and will be happy to put you to work!

For example:

if you care about a clean environment you could reach out to Heal Utah.

If child academic success is important to you check out United Way.

Some other great local organizations you can volunteer for:

American Red Cross Utah Region:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah:

Habitat for Humanity:

International Rescue Committee:

Rape Recovery Center:

Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City:

Ronald McDonald House:

Salt Lake City Parks and Public Lands:

SLCPD Volunteer Corps:

The Road Home:

Utah Food Bank:

Utah Humane Society:

Visual Art Institute:


Wasatch Community Gardens:

YWCA of Utah:

Pick one and lend a hand today!

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